Beermat Stats Facts and Figures Pack Volume #1

1. The full name of Genoa – who play in Serie A – is Genoa Cricket and Football Club, having been founded primarily as an athletics and cricket team.

2. Benfica’s Eagle mascot has a name. Águia Vitória (Victory Eagle to you and me). Crystal Palace also have an eagle as well as a bizarre dancing mascot. It too has a name: Alan Pardew.

3. The eagle at Crystal Palace is called Kayla. Last season a fan was arrested on suspicion of trying to punch her. Her pass success rate at the time wasn’t great, but this is no excuse.

4. America – god bless it and all – once had a very unique way of deciding games that ended in a stalemate. Stemming from an old method used in the 1970s and 80s, upon the MLS’ inception in 1996 all drawn games would be settled by a “shootout”. Rather than penalty kicks, players would line up some thirty five yards from goal and would then be allowed five seconds in which to get a shot away. As many touches as possible were permitted.

5. Everything about this game right here.

6. Excluding the home nations and Ireland, there have been players from over a hundred different nationalities have played in the Premier League. Notable goalscorers include Belarus’ Alexander Hleb (for Arsenal & Birmingham), Georgiou Kinkladze from Georgia (the country not the American State) and not one but two Montserratians (Ruel Fox & Bruce Dyer). Montserrat by way of Ilford and Ipswish we should add.

7. Leicester’s title win means that there have been 24 different champions of the English top flight. Italy has 16 while Spain only has nine different teams to have ever won their title.

8. Howard Wilkinson was the last English manager to win the English top division.

9. Since the turn of the century there have been over two hundred million spectators to Premier League games (actual figure after yesterday’s games: 206,610,937)

10. Of the current 92 league clubs, the breakdown of suffixes is as follows

    • 25 Football Clubs

    • 14 Uniteds

    • 12 Cities

    • 12 Towns

    • 3 Wanderers

    • 3 Athletics

    • 3 Rovers

    • 3 Albions

    • 3 Counties

    • 1 Palace

    • 1 Rangers

    • 1 Hotspur

    • 1 Villa

    • 1 Wednesday

    • 1 Forest

    • 1 North End

    • 1 Dons

    • 1 Alexandria

    • 1 Orient

    • 1 Argyle

    • 1 Stanley

and two clubs with a prefix rather than a suffix (AFC Bournemouth and AFC Blackpool respectively).

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