The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

Sunday the 22nd of January won’t go down as an all time high for world football. A routine Chelsea win preceded by an almost routine Arsenal bottle job, though credit goes to Monreal for his reaction to the awarding of a penalty for Burnley.  He nearly won the award for that alone. So too did his teammate Alexis Sanchez. It take some real inner belief to take a penalty in the last minute the way he did but he’s been here before and done it with way more on the line.

But that wasn’t the only outrageous peice of skill on offer as the weekend wound down. There was this from Mathieu Valbuena against his former club.

Antoine Griezmann got in on the act later with a nice reminder of how good he won’t be playing in a Mourinho back nine.

He even had one that made everyone need a shower afterward with a filthy effort that was disallowed.

And lastly let it not be said that we don’t do extensive research for this feature (read twitter). How’s about this from Nicolae Stanciu in Anderlecht’s 3-1 win over Sint-Truidense.

But this isn’t a clip compilation, so let’s get to the nitty gritty. The award could have gone to any of the above but we’re proud to hand over the monocle of Best Player in The World (Today) to Vicente Iborra. He of Sevilla and being linked with Crystal Palace and Sunderland fame. Hardly the most prolific of players throughout his career, he has been in great form over the last month. It’s amazing what the threat of having to work with Sam Allardyce or David Moyes will do to motivate a player. He even scored an own goal yesterday too, just to prove that he wouldn’t look out of sorts in that Palace team.

Congratulations Vicente. You’re safe. For now.


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