The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

Unlike Monday, there was plenty to sample on the a la carte menu of world football this evening. We also have it on good, non Trump alternative facts authority that there were even some Checktrade Trophy games, although there’s no way of checking that as nobody bothered going.

First stop, Morocco – by way of Gabon and the Africa Cup of Nations – and Rachid Alioui.  His wonderful finish not only capped of a great move and won the game but also knocked out the current holders of the tournament in the Ivory Coast.

While it was good, there is only one undisputed king of January 24th 2017.  Lukas “I forgot he was still a thing” Podolski.  You’d be right to have trouble remembering him too, unless you’re an Arsenal fan and still can’t quite ever erase him from your mind.    For those just coming to terms with the fact that he does still exist, it’d be hard not to figure out where exactly he’s plying his trade these days.  Galatasary.  Ah the Turkish Superliga.  Home to  many a “Oh yeah, him”.  The Purgatory between retirement and the Premier League.  Jokes aside, it’s not all bad. Especially when you’re scoring five in a cup game.  Okay so Erzincanspor might not be the most formidable opponents but as a former Gunner he retains the right to have all the hype after any cup performance, regardless of they go on to win it or not.  Either way, it is not to be sniffed at.

Five.  As in two less goals than Jack Wilshire’s entire career five.  As in one number above where Arsenal are going to finish this season.  As in the number of times we can wind up a fanbase in an article.  Five. Even watching it feels like more exercise than we’re used to!

Can’t wait for the day when Danny Cadamarteri scores ten in a game for another random Turkish side.  That is unless Moyes wants to continue putting the band back together at Sunderland.

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