The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

It’s amazing how quickly things change in football. One minute you’re riding high, looking forward to the challenges ahead because there’s a real belief that you can beat anyone.  In the space of a few days however it all comes crashing down.  That sounds familiar.  It’s happening right now. You all know who we’re talking about, don’t you? For those that don’t, I’ll give you a clue.  They play in red. That’s right, Benfica.  Oh come on, who else fits that description these days?

Those that have been paying attention will know that it was only a few days ago that Moreirense sent the Super Eagles crashing out of the Portuguese League Cup (a final that they have since won, congrats to them).  This defeat was compounded earlier tonight as Benfica travelled to Vitoria Setubal, whereby they were hoping to put some distance between themselves and Porto at the top of the league.  They were denied by a powerful header from Ze Manuel and an all around lacklustre performance that still should have seen them leave with a point, had the referee awarded them a late penalty for what looked like an obvious foul.

This result could have massive implications for the destiny of the eventual champions of Portugal but this time rather than simply giving it away to the goalscorer and ultimate winner of the match, it is rather Mikel Agu who receives the honour.  Imperious in midfield, making the most of a sluggish Benfica performance and there whenever called upon on the few instances they did manage to get in behind.  And because football is football, Agu arrived at Estádio do Bonfim courtesy of a loan from Porto.  Were he never to go on and play for his parent club, he may already have played a big part in their season.

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