The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

For those that have ever tuned into the Beermat’s signature podcast Trolls on Sunday (and you should, it’s kind of terrible at being boring), you’ll know that each edition begins with the tagline “we are not live from…”  Well tonight we are absolutely live from a black hole of professional football, with almost nothing of note going on around the world.  Do you know how little there has to be for it to be quiet on a global scale?  Strap yourselves in, it’s about to get tenuous.

Normally we don’t cover non competitve games, which is why you’ll rarely hear us say anything about Chelsea’s fixtures as of late but one did catch the eye this afternoon as it was a lone cube of ice, floating in a sea of nothing.  Which is to say that Iceland took on Mexico in a friendly.  Now we know what you’re thinking.  The international breaks are long gong, you say, looking for the gun just in case it isn’t.  That’s right.  This was a one off with no players from the mainland European leagues coming over for it.  Which may have hampered the European side slightly (joking aside, both teams were far from their first elevens, but Mexico had an entire country of other players to call upon, namely Mexico).  To make things even more random, it was played in Las Vegas. Highlights were few and far between.  Mexico won 1-0 and there was an hilarious moment when an Icelandic player came on without a number. Work with us here people.

Looking elsewhere, there’s about as much action to find as you would in a monastery.  Not one of those cool Hollywood monasteries either where one of the monks is a secret ninja or holds the key to world peace.  At the business end (well the quarter final first leg end) of the Greek Cup current holders AEK Athens drew 0–0 with Platanias, whereas PAOK  took a step further by beating Xanthi 2-1.  It was a similar scoreline in the Portugese second divison where Vizela beat Sporting Lisbon B.  Don’t say we’re not trying.

What this is all a long winded way of saying is that today’s award was decided in the early hours of the morning.  GMT anyway. In the Australian A-League, Sydney FC are trying to do an Arsenal.  Leave your fourth place jokes at the door, we mean the full on finish a season unbeaten Arsenal.  Settle down Preston fans, you too. Today they took another step closer to that feat by dispatching the Wellington Phoenix 3-1.  Miloš Ninković might not be the most recognisable face in world football nor has he had the most glittering of careers but this season may ultimately see him as an part of an incredible achievement.  Insert hilarious Aussie related pun here, we’re going to take a well earned break.

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