The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

In recent weeks, one club has really stepped up a gear and made a push for making what was a daunting Champions League tie something closer to a contest.  Hint: It’s not Arsenal.  Napoli have been on fire as of late and when they took the lead against Real Madrid it looked as if the upset that not even we’d dare predict was very much on the cards.  A quickfire equaliser from Benzema cancelled out Insigne’s audatious opener before goals from Toni Kroos gave Madrid the lead.  Then Casemiro went and did this.

It’s hard to imagine anything could be more of a headline in the Champions League this evening.  Oh wait.  Arsenal.

Here’s a match report from when the two sides met last season.  Does it sound familiar? 5-1 to Bayern with Robben and Muller on the scoresheet.  Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Doesn’t take genius to work out what happens now at the Emirates.  Congratulations to Arsene Wenger on his new two year deal!

So you might be wondering, if we’ve already mentioned tonight’s Champions League beatdowns, what is there left to discuss? Who could possibly have done more to warrant any higher praise than that which Bayern Munich and Real Madrid so obviously deserve. Well that’s just it.  Everyone knows Real Madrid have good players and Bayern Munich beat Arsenal, these aren’t exactly eye opening achievements.  What did warrant a second look however, was this nine goal thriller (if something so horrifically one sided can be considered a thriller) at Pittodrie.

Everybody knows Rooney is in a class all by himself. We’re talking about Adam Rooney, obviously.  His hattrick was the backbone of Aberdeen’s more than emphatic victory but that’s not the only reason we’re awed with this performance.  Managers being sent to the stands is nothing new but this from Kilmarnock gaffer Mark McGhee is something else entirely.  For contributing heavily to this meltdown, we hereby salute Aberdeen and give Adam Rooney this covetous award.

Before we go, let’s check in on Alexis Sanchez and see if he’s okay.

I’m sure they’ll be fine.  Next year.  Things will be different etc..  In the meanwhile, we’re off to Arsenal Fan TV to circle the corpse like vultures.  Get the popcorn!

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