The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

What goes around comes around.  More of an old fashioned cliche rather than a footballing one but it still does have some resonance within the beautiful game.  It’s pretty much the blueprint for every former player scoring against their old club.  What we’ve got for you first up today isn’t so much a case of one player going back to haunt a side but rather a team whom we’ve featured in this column before on the side of a beating dishing out one of their own.  That was very long winded for a Friday but the weekend is here and we’ve already started celebrating.  Who were we talking about again?

Granada’s 4-0 defeat to Eibar was enough to earn Pedro Leon this award so it’s only fair we put them in contention after tonight’s 4-1 victory over Celtic kit inspired Real Betis.  Adrian Ramos scored twice in what was only their third win of the season.  It might be enough to earn a solid thumbs up from us but ultimately they’re still steeped in the relegation places and this is more consolation goal from a yard than it is last minute winner from thirty.

Speaking of scoring from not very far out, Javier Hernandez is back!  Well technically he never went away but if you’re doing that famous “Sigorney Weaver from Alien 3” impression on the pitch for Leverkusen rather than on bench at Manchester United you might as well not be doing anything at all (translation: we forgot all about this guy as soon as he left). It wasn’t even his return to form that caught the eye so much as the performances of Kai Havertz (who is only seventeen by the way!) and Karim Bellarabi, who himself bagged the 50’000th goal in Bundesliga history.  If they show anything like this kind of form against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday, Diego Simeone and his men could definitely Havertz a lot on their hands.  Anyone? No? Please come back!

Another side who are going to have a heavy task on their hands in midweek is Monaco, and not simply that they’re having to go from Monte Carlo to Moss Side.  Travelling arrangements might not be their only concern if they play anything like they did tonight, drawing 1-1 away at Bastia.    The home side whose name definitely doesn’t sound like a swear frustrated the much vaunted Monaco attacking line up with Abdelhamid El Kaoutari, Lassana Coulibaly and Alexander Djiku all impressing on the night.  If only Manchester City had the kind of resources to build such an almighty spine, maybe they’d be able to frustrate Monaco in a similar manner.  Oh wait…

We’ve stalled long enough, it’s time for the actual honour be bestowed.  What normally happens on nights like this where there are only a handful of games played is that usually someone out of the ordinary stands out.  Day in day out it’s not usually the best players in the world that actually get to go for amazing internet recognition such as this one.  Tonight however, we’re going to have to go for the most obvious team and perhaps the most obvious player.  Juventus are once again looking unbeatable in Serie A and spearheading that is Paulo Dybala.  You’ll come to know him as the player that every top club in Europe will be going after this summer.  Or Chelsea’s new number 8 for short.  Two goals and an assist, it is with heavy heart that we actually give the award entitled Best Player In The World Today to someone that might actually be. What goes around comes around.

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