The Beermat Best Player In The World (Today)

No long winded intro today, Sunday was packed so full of action you’d be half way down the driveway before considering “did I really need to pack this much action?” Yes.  Yes you did. On to the players.

First up, the FA Cup is still going.  It may be a cup and not a league but Jose Mourinho is determined to score some points with his fans, while also not being able to resist a dig at rival managers (something which we’re sure he thought long and hard about).  It must be hard being such a paragon of virtue, the one remaining pillar of light in the FA Cup while all else around you are snorting derision at it everywhere.  Alternatively, you could have the most expensively assembled squad ever and be talking out of your arse.  We’re not sure.  At least Tottenham did the decent thing in getting on with their dispatching of a lower league side with some sense of authority.  What’s even more impressive about Harry Kane’s performance is that it was most likely done on the back of a sleepless night.  We’ve all had those nightmares about Euro 2016, you’re not the only one Harry.

To Spain now where Barcelona’s dominance of harmless relegation threatened Leganes led to an almighty 2-1 victory.  Wait? 2-1 you say? Lionel Messi scoring a penalty in the last minute to keep Barcelona’s hopes of chasing down Real Madrid alive you say? How did this happen? Messi and co were on the verge of being properly Pulised, having gone a goal up but never quite getting away.  Unfortunately for Leganes, Barcelona can do it on a balmy night in the Camp Nou.

Speaking of defending in numbers, Serie A now, where Roma picked up where they left off on Thursday by beating Torino 4-1.  Leandro Peredes with the pick of the goals in this game and probably in many others with this rocket that’s hit so hard it defeats the goalkeeper and gravity at the same time.

Roma scoring a few isn’t anything new, what was special about today in Serie A was that for the first time this season Pescara actually won a game.  Technically they have been awarded three points earlier on in the season (after Sassuolo fielded an illegible player) for but this is their actual first time experience of victory on the pitch.  And what a victory it was.  They’d been scoring under a goal a game so perhaps Genoa thought they were just being friendly when Lucas Orban opened the scoring with an own goal.  Give an inch, they’ll take a mile.  Pescara were three up by the break and eventually won by five.  Zdenek Zeman has something of a penchent for bizarre teams who get involved in ridiculous high scoring games.  We’re so happy to have him back.

From the return of an old fave to the continuing good fortune of a new face in European Football.  Following off the back of their home defeat at the hands of Hamburg, RB Leipzig bounced back to do the same to Borussia Mönchengladbach.  Emil Forsberg once again looking every bit the part, scoring and setting up the eventual winner.  The Bundesliga newcomers continue to look on course for Champions League football this season, perhaps it won’t take them very long after that to be a force(berg) in Europe.  No? Oh well.

Our award winner tonight is no joke.  This is everything you could possibly want from a faxu hipster footballing “news” website.  Random league, absolute stunners of goals and most of all the kind of smug satisfaction that comes with telling your friends that you knew about that guy all along.  Truth be told, Football Manager players have been talking this guy up for a while.  Now he’s showing in the real world what he’s been doing in the virtual one.  Youri Tielemans is another one of many next big things we’ve been featuring as of late but how many of them have scored a goal like this…

And then about a minute or so later go and do this…

Wow.  Just wow.  Take it.  Take all the awards.  All the hype.  No more words needed.

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