PODCAST – Prememento: Episode 9 (Week 30)

The podcast has a severe case of Deja-Vu this week as the games we’re previewing for next March are the reverse fixtures of those just gone.  Questions asked and topics include;

How much truth is there to what Troy Deeney said in regard to playing Arsenal*?
Will Man United leave their half way line in the repeat fixture with Liverpool?
What happens to Leicester in between now and their next meeting with West Brom?
Are Chelsea having one of “those” seasons?
Would new owners cause trouble for Rafa Benitez again?

Also, in our ongoing discussion into what it takes to score a goal in the Premier League, we move on the debate from where they’re likely to come from to who is likely to put the ball in the net in the first place.  The results won’t surprise you but we’ll also be delving into how reliant a team is on their particular goalscorers and how many shots it takes for them to bag that total in the first place.   As always, we have *all* the numbers.


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