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Imagine choosing today of all days to relaunch your sports media website.

Okay, that’s enough of the on the nose attempts at non-satire that are in fact a thinly veiled attempt at piggybacking on The Athletic UK. Still here? Oh good.

The Beermat was launched in 2016 and has slowly over the years steadily found it’s feet. Which is to say we’ve actually learned how to do things. This isn’t so much a monolithic organisation intent on grabbing as much of the journalistic land mass as it can, we’re just a handful of people that love sports and want to tell our story. Which usually involves an adult beverage or two.

What this website is to you, dear reader, is that most precious of commodities; time. When you’re waiting for a friend, or just looking to pass away the hours; The Beermat will be there for you. We’ll have long and short form writing and podcasts, ammunition for the trivia hungry amongst you or simply a conversation to listen to while on your way to or from work.

Our interests are as varied as our opinions are pronounced but we pride ourselves on our football coverage. Our flagship podcast, The Prememento Podcast, deals with the Premier League in quite possibly the most unique way it’s ever been discussed. The relaunch itself coincides with the start of Series 3, which promises to be the biggest ever. Don’t worry if you haven’t caught up however, Series 1 and 2 will be re-uploaded in due course, along with every other article in the Beermat archives. If that’s not all, Beyond The Beermat, the world’s greatest wrestling podcast – that’s recorded and produced in a pub – will return.

We hope to have you along in this journey, not least of all that we’d be grateful for the company. Our resources aren’t limitless, we are still learning and at any given time one of us is massively hungover. There is a Patreon account where you can show us some love/get a round in and you’ll always get a generous pour in return for your kindness, which is to say you’ll get more stuff.

This article was for us. To get attention. To draw the eyes of those who enjoy sports, films, music, television and everything in between. The rest are for you.

Thank you,

The Beermat Team.

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