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The Drinxtape: Volume One

In addition to our commitment to changing the game in regard to sports writing, being ahead of the game in terms of podcasting and various other non game related things, we are turning our attention to other avenues. One of the most important things we wanted to deliver was a platform to bring you the best in new music as well as those undiscovered gems that we’re all too smug about being aware of first. That’s why we created the Drinxtape; small collections of songs that will guide through the journey of our bad tastes and music snobbery. Also, we swear the name will grow on you.

For the inaugural picks, as we got ourselves ready for the big relaunch this week as well as the return of Premier League football into our lives, it’s been quite an intense few weeks for Beermat HQ and with that in mind, concentration is a must if we are to keep up the high standards that you don’t yet know we can’t fully maintain. The following are what’s gotten us to this point, with an undeniable swagger and a serious denial about how cool it is these days to use the word swagger.

First of all, that hook. Two seconds and we’re already into “plug it into my veins” territory. There’s something to be said too for letting an album grow on you through time. The Knocks released their last album New York Narcotic as the leaves were falling back in September last year and wasn’t fully into it until December, ever since it’s remained in full rotation. Having this as your soundtrack as spring turned to summer- actually having an excuse to wear shades! – makes this the perfect initial injection of everything we needed. Energy. Funk. Cool eye wear.

Honestly it was difficult to narrow down any one of about five tracks from Big Data’s powerful, incredible new album 3.0 but in the end it was the opening track that grabs you by the collar, only to let you down so gently as it goes. Infectious and loud, with a final third that takes an unexpected yet dynamic turn. Anchored incredibly by the incredible vocals, who by the end of are doing a lap of honor. More of both please.

Can somebody please explain how Sky or BT haven’t been all over this in anticipation of the Premier League returning? You can just picture it now. Sterling bursting past someone, Harry Kane powering the ball home, Solskjaer jumping with joy after they snatch a point away to Sheffield United…

Forget the fact that we’re all with the idea of De La Soul teaming up with DJ Shadow on a conceptual level, it somehow manages to skyrocket above all expectations. Pun very much intended. These two could have phoned in their shopping list and it would have been fine, but instead they bring more fire than Lethal Bizzle becoming an arsonist and going back to his old rap crew.

Also, I’m not sure what the rules are or what the ratio is, but I’m pretty sure if you start a song with “ladies and gentlemen” or “are you ready” then it’s already straight fire. Let alone if you have both.

Pure energy distilled. You’re welcome.

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