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PODCAST: Prememento Series 3 – Wayne Rooney

This season the Beermat’s premier football podcast was given a task. Tell the full story of the Premier League, though the players themselves. We’re not looking for a list of the best players to have ever kicked a ball in anger but rather stories that need to be told, from every single club that has ever played in the league. We call these players cornerstones and this is The Cornerstone Collection.

There’s no denying that of all the players to lace up a pair of boots in the Premier League, Wayne Rooney is among the most memorable and iconic. But rather than being hoisted above everyone’s collective shoulders, his reputation is rather different. Why is that?

We deep dive into the career and ability of a true Premier League mainstay, in Prememento Podcast style. From Everton to Everton with Man United in between, listen now by downloading here.

The Prememento Podcast is supported by our amazing listeners but we need your help. Become a Beermat Regular through our patreon today and receive an extended cut of this episode, as well as exclusive looks ahead as to who will be next up on the Cornerstone Collection.

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