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PODCAST: Prememento Series 3 – Kanu

This season the Beermat’s premier football podcast was given a task. Tell the full story of the Premier League, though the players themselves. We’re not looking for a list of the best players to have ever kicked a ball in anger but rather stories that need to be told, from every single club that has ever played in the league. We call these players cornerstones and this is The Cornerstone Collection.

In the mid-ninties, as the Premier League was becoming an ever increasing global phenomenon so too did the rest of the world introduce itself into in English football in a big way. The reach was just as far in terms of a pool of talent as it was beaming to television audiences across the continents. Kanu might not have been the first African – or even Nigerian – player to play in the Premier League but he came, he saw and he very much conquered.

In this episode we deep dive into a true legend of the game that doesn’t quite get the modern recognition his standing deserves. An inspirational figure wherever he went, it’s not so much about the legacy he left in the Premier League but legacies plural.

Listen now by downloading here.

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